About me

I’m an Australian-based interpreter and translator providing English and Japanese language services for commercial and government clients, typically in the business and diplomatic domains. I also do technical writing and instructional design, and I’m passionate about competency based training and assessment, particularly for translators and interpreters.

As a former engineering student turned linguist, technical writer and instructional designer, I’m able to put technical concepts into plain, easy to understand language for all audiences. I write well-structured, plain English, procedures, reports and submissions, and am an entertaining public speaker and presenter. 

Why you should work with me

  • I have a reputation for excellence in production of print and audio-visual material for detail-focused clients.
  • I’m a strong networker and influential communicator across languages and cultures.
  • I’m adept at identifying and facilitating strategic and commercial objectives and building productive cross-sector relationships and synergies to achieve outside-the-square solutions.
  • I’m closely involved in development and delivery of nationally endorsed qualifications for translators and interpreters in Australia.
  • My passion is learning and communication, and my interests are food, friends and travel, in no particular order, but preferably taken together.