Japan Australia Word Services Pty Ltd

Japan Australia Word Services Pty Ltd has been trading since 1984. I founded the company when I was appointed Japanese Language Consultant to the WA Government through the Department of Resources Development. Today I create, coordinate and quality control the work of teams of independent translation and interpreting practitioners.

Services are offered in Japanese, Chinese and Korean by our network of local personnel, with interstate or international subject-specific support as necessary. We also provide Qualified Interpreters in European and Asian languages who satisfy Judicial Council of Cultural Diversity (JCCD) Recommended National Standards for Working with Interpreters in Courts and Tribunals.

The greatest measure of quality assurance is our customers’ satisfaction with our services. We have a high level of repeat business and long-term working relationships with many clients. Our commitment to reliable, consistent quality service has kept some of our clients with us for over three decades.

In interpreting, the Japan Australia Word Services policy is to assign trained interpreters, at any level. We are meticulous about:

  • matching interpreters to jobs
  • making sure – in so far as possible – that interpreters are not placed in situations which are beyond their competence
  • supporting interpreters (and you) to achieve optimum communication.

Interpreting expertise embraces:

  • agriculture and fisheries; media; resources; tourism
  • court and legal interpreting
  • diplomacy and federal, state and local government bilateral engagement.

The Japan Australia Word Services approach to translation is distinct from the labour hire model. We don’t rely on the idiosyncrasies of individual freelance translators. We deliver turn-key products by:

  • crafting documents to their end use for the target audience and purpose
  • applying quality assurance and control to the translation process
  • checking draft translations for accuracy
  • editing and finalising translations for publishing.

Translation expertise includes:

  • fast turnaround, economical translation for information only, such as in preparing a legal case
  • highly accurate material for submission as evidence in a court of law, or in satisfaction of government and legislative requirements
  • publishing quality material for release in print, online, or audio-visual formats.

Technical writing

I’m particularly good at packaging technical concepts for non-technical audiences, and writing for readers whose first language is not English. My exposure to diverse industries enables me to de-mystify jargon and write comprehensive, but concise, easy-to-read documents in plain English. As an accomplished public speaker, translator and trainer, I have the skills to quickly absorb complex information from a range of written, visual and human resources and integrate and package it in coherent and easy to understand terms. I have a knack for mapping processes and developing document hierarchies for audit-ready content, including policy, standards, processes and procedures, and the reports, submissions and strategies I write are clear and well‐structured. 

  • I read and easily comprehend technical diagrams and concepts and communicate clearly and effectively in written and spoken language. 
  • I have produced print and audio-visual material in many technical fields, taking particular responsibility for document quality control.
  • I have written for quality assurance, asset management and workplace health and safety (WHS) in: construction, conveyor systems, drilling, engineering, mining, rail and road electrical and mechanical maintenance, and water and wastewater infrastructure. 
  • I’m at ease researching legislation and standards to ensure compliance, streamlining and editing existing material, offering content and process improvements, and publishing agreed content in accordance with internal style and quality standards.

Instructional design

I tailor-make workshops, seminars, and focus groups to client needs, with an emphasis on active learning. In all training, I encourage learners to examine and extrapolate from their own experience to achieve insights and develop strategies for dealing across cultures and languages.

I have developed and delivered training in hospitality, tourism, cross-cultural communications, translating and interpreting, and working with interpreters. I have extensive experience developing learning for occupations in which language is a core competence, and in National Training Package development.